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    As we close in on the beginning of the VBA season and at the end of the bidding we saw some very over paid and under valued players. This being the very first VBA bidding session of coarse crazy things will happen and some of the future stars of the league will be underpaid due to them not being very well known yet. But I would like to do an analysis on some of the steals and players who just went for way to much or more then they were worth.


    1. xXFATALXxATTACK PG - $ 9,000,000

    The List would not be complete unless I was #1 on it. Due to my inability to play week 1 of the regular season and my uneasy schedule it will make me tough to play up to my bid of 9 Million Dollars. Also with me missing pre-season and the first week of the regular season my chemistry with my teammates will suffer and will most likely take longer to get into rhythm. Also with not playing in the very first season of the VBA much of my ability to compete is still unknown. Although I will work as hard as anyone in this league to get better and be the best I can their is no guarantee I can live up to the hype.

    2. Ice The Man SF - $ 11,500,000

    Now many of you don't know that Owner Yak Ant Narwhal did not mean to bid 11,500,000 on Ice The Man. There was a glitch in the bidding system the pushed Ice the Man up 5 Million more than the bid Yak wanted to place on Ice. But I still must put him on this list due to that crazy salary amount. Last season Ice had played on the Miami Heat and averaged 20.44 PPG, 6.67 RPG, 3.89 APG in 9 games. Those numbers are pretty impressive but Ice had also played with Lebron James as you all know the best player in NBA 2K13 with a 98 Overall. Now Ice will be switching from 98 Overall Lebron James to Nicholas Batum who is about the farthest thing from Lebron. Batum is mostly a 3 Point shooter with poor speed and dribbling ability. I expect a drop in Ice's numbers from last season.

    Under Valued

    1. The Whole Entire Denver Nuggets Team

    As many of you may know and remember the Denver Nuggets were the team that won the VBA finals last season as the Philadelphia 76ers. Now with an upgraded team and improved roster they are looking to repeat. They have retained most of their roster all for 500,000 and only had to pay 1,500,000 for newcomer to the team NaMe Me KinG x. NaMe Me KinG x was elected to the Eastern Conference All Star team last season, mostly being the reason why he went for more than 500,000. But with an improved roster and 18,000,000 to spend on a wavier wire pick up or trade for a big name player they always have those options.

    2. ImUncleWillySon - PG - 3,500,000

    Willy was elected to the Western All Star team last season when playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Averaging 18.14 PPG, 14.29 RPG and shot 49% from the field. He is one of the best Point Guards in the league and went for 10,000,000 less than fellow All Star FiG who averaged 4 less points per game with around the same amount of assists per game. UncleWilly seems to be more productive then most of the Point Guards in the league and went for much less. Point Guards Fig, Abyss and xXFATALXxATTACK all went for much more and all have less productivity than UncleWilly. Get pick up for the San Antonio Spurs with an under valued player.
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